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We help professional cleaners do what they love by combining technology and experience.

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Our Story

S Grade operates as a cleaning agency for the selection of professional staff and provides work-management services for cleaning jobs throughout the entire London area.

Starting as a family cleaning company, S Grade restructured into an agency that serves thousands of clients annually. By providing flexibility, support, and a high standard of service for its orders, we ensure end-to-end management solutions in the professional cleaning industry. To achieve this, S Grade has created a network of professionals and experts with whom it works in long-term and short-term relationships.

The Network

The network is an enhanced, fully technologically supported, and protected database of professionals who provide all types of cleaning services across London. With more than 200 individual members, companies, and trusted partners, the network operates on a year-round basis, aiming to deliver and ensure the highest standard of applicable, administrative, and operational quality for its clients.

Free to join and invaluable to be a part of, the network offers access to orders that are managed with flexibility, support, optimization, and expert delivery of quality cleaning services.

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Members Help

We believe that complete customer satisfaction and quality service delivery come from professional support before and during each individual job, including operational and administrative assistance, communication, and work schedule optimization.

These and more secrets stand behind our quality services for all exclusive members of the Network.


Assurance & Responsibility

Using strictly encrypted data protection and professional optimization, S Grade offers secure solutions to professionals in the cleaning industry. The implementation of fair trade relationships with clients allows us to share only non-sensitive information with trusted companies and individuals, only with explicit initial consent, solely for the purpose of providing high-quality, safe, and legally compliant services.

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