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What is the S Grade Network?

Simply said, the Network is a secure database of cleaning professionals and experts who provide all types of cleaning services throughout London.

As a cleaning agency, S Grade continuously offers cleaning jobs to approved and verified Network members who, at their convenience and availability, approve and perform the requested services at initially agreed terms, price, appointment time and customer priority.

Network members’ details are kept secure, and shared information is only provided in limited content, only to serve the proper needs for quality provision of the services. 

How the Network works?

The Network works differently depending on the service you provide but generally offers 2 types of solutions to its members. 

  • You advise us on your free time slots for the upcoming week, and we aim to fill those with jobs in your area.
  • We announce our available jobs, and you decide to request and confirm any of those jobs.

As a Cleaning Agency, we always strive to deliver high standards in terms of job management services and operative support for you. All jobs are offered with initial customer priorities and requests, exact appointment date and timactualise payment, geolocation and sometimes, photos. And not even that, we also take care of the support you might need before and during the service by having clear communication with the customers for you, as well as help regarding location, possible delays, schedule amendments, upsells, and cross-sells. 

Since sometimes a personal approach is needed, we also offer custom quoting requests to individual jobs, which, if approved by customers, jobs will be locked for you to provide and service.

How to join the Network?

To serve the best needs of the Network and all serviced customers by members, we undergo extensive skill, background and applicable law-related checks for anyone willing to join. 

To request access, you need to fill out our request form and schedule an interview with a member of our quality control team. 

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