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What is The Network?

The Network is a completely free online platform for indipendent cleaning services. Its primary goal is to offer daily jobs to professional cleaners and experts in the cleaning field. The Network includes all types of cleaning and gardening services. Its members can be both individuals and companies. At their discretion, each member can accept and accordingly fulfill a selected order, based on pre-agreed terms, price, date, time, and customer priorities.

All information about our members and clients is kept in an absolutely secure and maintained database, shared only in limited content for the purpose of providing high-quality services.

How it works?

For each type of service, the Network operates differently, but mainly offers two basic options for working relationships.

1. You specify a day of the week and the amount of work time you have available. Based on the coverage and the area in which you work, the Network will commit to providing jobs within that range. The Network offers independant orders, and you will decide whether to confirm and subsequently provide the service.

2. The Network provides a high standard not only in managing the services it offers, but also in the operational work related to them. The orders provided contain preliminary information about the duration, payment, location, exact date and time, customer priorities, and sometimes photos. And that’s not all. The Network takes care of everything you need before and during the service in a timely manner. It assists you with navigation to the address, communication with the client, schedule changes, reselling services, and much more.

Sometimes a personal approach to clients is necessary. That’s why the Network allows for personalized offers, such as pre-calculating the duration and price to ensure a higher quality of order fulfillment. If your offer is approved, the order will be locked in for you. Everything else related to the administrative and operational aspects will be handled by the Network.

Why you should join?

Whether you work for yourself, with a company, or fulfill orders for multiple agencies, joining the Network is absolutely free. By becoming a member, you will gain access to daily offers of addresses that you can take for yourself at your discretion. There are no requirements for how much work you will accept and where you want to work. In addition to being part of the Network, you get unlimited access to preferential prices on professional cleaning products, chemicals, materials, and equipment. And that’s not all…

How to Join?

To maintain and improve the needs of the Network, as well as to ensure the highest quality for our clients, all members who wish to join undergo a check concerning their skills, quality, and experience. A full check for legal work in England is also carried out.

Whether you trade as a self-employed individual, a company, or a partnership, anyone wishing to access the Network must be verified.

Request to join by filling out the form below and schedule an interview with a member of our team.


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