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sgrade domestic cleaning service

Domestic Cleaning

The most popular service in London. It is performed independently, mainly in private homes. Payment is hourly, with clients being regular or one-time.

To perform the service, you need to have cleaning supplies, towels, cloths, and sponges.

Deep Cleaning

Also known as Spring Cleaning. This service is increasingly ordered by clients who want to refresh their property comprehensively. It is mainly performed in a team but can also be done independently, depending on the size of the order.

It is mandatory to have a vacuum cleaner, mop, cleaning supplies, and other standard cleaning consumables.

sgrade deep cleaning service

Move-out Cleaning

The second most popular cleaning service in London. It is a mandatory service ordered by tenants when they change their homes, required by agencies and property managers for the full return of the deposit. Mainly performed by a team of two or three people. Often ordered with carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Full cleaning equipment is mandatory, without exceptions.

After Builders Cleaning

A specialized service ordered mainly by commercial clients who have requirements for comprehensive cleaning after builders/painters/fitters or during renovations. The service is primarily performed by a team of two people.

Full cleaning equipment is mandatory, without exceptions.

sgrade after builders cleaning service
sgrade commercial cleaning service

Office Cleaning

The most commonly ordered service by businesses for their office/building or event hall. The service is primarily performed on a regular basis, aiming to maintain the hygiene of the business’s workplace.

Standard cleaning materials are mandatory, and in some cases, clients may require the provider to have full cleaning equipment.

Oven Cleaning

A specialized service for professionals in oven cleaning. Mainly ordered by private clients. Payments are fixed based on size and dimensions. Additional extras are often added to the orders. The service also includes barbecue cleaning.

Specialized oven cleaning equipment is mandatory.

sgrade oven cleaning service
sgrade appliance cleaning service

Appliance Cleaning

A service mainly ordered as an addition to oven cleaning, with rare exceptions. It consists of a comprehensive and deep cleaning of refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, microwaves, and coffee machines.

Specialized cleaning agents and standard cleaning materials are required.

Carpet Cleaning

The third most ordered cleaning service in London. Most commonly sought by private clients who have stains on their carpets. It is carried out using specialized carpet cleaning machines with strong suction power. Knowledge of the types of carpet materials and fabrics is crucial for providing a high-quality service.

A professional carpet cleaning machine with all attachments, as well as special cleaning chemicals for all types of fabrics and stains, is required.

sgrade carpet cleaning service
sgrade upholstery cleaning service

Upholstery Cleaning

Primarily ordered in addition to carpet cleaning, but also frequently requested as a standalone service. The goal is to thoroughly clean stains and refresh the fabric of sofas, chairs, and other upholstered furniture.

A professional carpet cleaning machine with small and large attachments, as well as special cleaning agents for all types of upholstery and stains, is required.

Window Cleaning

A service primarily ordered during the warmer seasons of the year, aiming to thoroughly clean high and hard-to-reach windows. It can be ordered for both external and/or internal cleaning.

Full professional equipment with a mounted water tank in a van or bus, operating on the principle of using distilled water, is required.

sgrade windows cleaning service
sgrade gutter cleaning service

Gutter Cleaning

A year-round service that aims to clean and unblock gutters and drainage channels on buildings.

Full gutter cleaning equipment is required, which includes a professional vacuum cleaner with extension attachments and a camera.

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