What, how, and when should you do in every situation, summarized in one place


An online automated tool for assistance, quick connection to the Office, and a way to share information.


If you need professional materials, supplies, and other tools for work.

1. Procedures


  1. If the client does not open the door at the agreed time, send an SMS through the “In front of the property” feature in the application. This will notify the client that you are outside.
    bFantastic In front of the property
  2. If no one arrives within 5 minutes, use the Assistant feature. This will notify the client that you are outside for the second time.

  3. If there is still no one after another 5 minutes, call the client through the application by pressing the headset icon next to their name. If there is still no response after another 5 minutes, call or message the office.

    If the client does not show up within 20 minutes of the agreed time, the appointment will be considered canceled, and the client will be charged £10, which will be fully paid to you.

  1. If you are running late for an appointment, send an SMS to the client in advance to inform them. The message should be titled “Delay,” followed by indicating the estimated time of your arrival. bFantastic Delay
  2. If, by any chance, the message is not sent, use the Helper feature to ensure that the client is properly notified.
  1. We have no issues with you attempting to start earlier at an appointment, but for it to happen smoothly, the client needs to be informed. To do so, send an SMS through the application titled “Start earlier,” indicating the desired starting time. The client can respond with “Yes” or “No.”
    bFantastic Start earlier
  2. If you don’t receive a response, use the Assistant feature.

Job cancellations with the reason “Don’t feel like waiting” are not tolerated.

If you are unable to locate an address, the navigation has confused you, or you’re simply having trouble reaching the address for any reason, use the Helper feature. If you don’t receive a call within 10 minutes, message or call the office for assistance.

If a client does not allow you to take photos, leave a note immediately. You can do this by opening the order in the application and tapping the “Notes” circle below the timer. In the free text field, write that the client does not allow you to take photos and explain why.

bFantastic Notes

Take a photo immediately of anything broken, damaged, scratched, or any other issue you notice during the service.

Also, leave a note in the order from here:

bFantastic Notes

If the client does not provide you with equipment and/or it is not available in the property, and you cannot find the vacuum cleaner and mop, use the Helper to notify us. Also, leave a note in the order in the free text section.
bFantastic Notes

If the allocated time is not sufficient for you and you need additional minutes/hours to complete all the client’s priorities, leave a note in the order as early as possible and use the Helper.
bFantastic Notes

If you have another job after that and any extension of the order’s duration interferes with your schedule, unfortunately, we won’t be able to extend the time as it will cause delays for your next address.

The weekly report is only to be send through the Helper or WhatsApp!

The report should be submitted no later than Tuesday noon for the previous calendar week.

Reports sent via Viber, Skype, Messenger, or phone are not accepted.

No payments will be made if the weekly report is not submitted. In case of a delayed weekly report, payments may be delayed.


Our schedule is entirely flexible, and the working hours can be changed at your discretion. To do so, you should use the Assistant and notify the office in writing.

Please note that any pre-scheduled jobs with working hours falling within your previous schedule will need to be completed by you before the change is implemented.

Coverage can be changed at any time and at your discretion. To do so, you should use the Helper and notify the office in writing.

Please note that any pre-scheduled jobs with locations falling within your previous coverage will need to be completed by you before the change is implemented.

Closing hours from your work schedule can only be done if you don’t have any pre-scheduled orders and not earlier than 48 hours in advance.

To do so, use the Helper or notify the Office in writing.

Closing a full day from your previously mentioned work schedule is accepted only with 48 hours or more notice.

To do so, use the Helper or notify the Office in writing.

Closing multiple days from the previously mentioned work schedule is only accepted with a notice of 72 hours or more in advance.

To do so, please use the Helper or notify the Office in writing!

If you are going on vacation, returning to your home country, or simply will be absent for more than 1 week, you must notify the Office in writing with the dates of your absence.

The notice should include the date of your last working day before the leave and the first working day after it.

The notice should be given at least 2 weeks in advance.

2. Ethical Codex


The company – S Grade LIMITED – Company Number: 11608856.
Employee – Cleaner / Cleaning Team / Technician / Installer / Porter / Gardener with whom the Company has working and subcontracting relationships.
Partner – Subsidiary companies / Partner companies / Contractor companies with whom and through whom the Company trades.
The Office – Office Assistant / Helper / Agent / Accountant / Manager who performs administrative and operational activities for the Company.
Service – Any Cleaning / Monitoring / Technical / Porter / Gardening service performed by an Employee on behalf of the Company. Client – Any individual or legal entity that orders and pays for a Service.

The following rules serve as a unified Code of Ethics for working with the Company and must be followed by every Employee, Partner, and Office Worker within the Company, regardless of their position. The rules are written by the Director of the Company, and only the Director of the Company has the right to modify, change, and update them at their sole discretion, but solely for the purpose of improving the quality and maintaining the good reputation of the Company.

3. New Rules


(1) Work schedules, working days, hours, breaks, and coverage are applied to each individual according to their initial preferences or subsequent changes. Therefore, we rely on these settings when organizing and managing your work schedule. To avoid any issues, starting from November 1, 2022, we do not tolerate same-day closures, shortened hours, or last-minute order cancellations with notifications less than 48 hours in advance. We emphasize that these are not our requirements but those of the companies we work with. Example: On Monday, you can request to have Thursday, Friday, and onward closed or specific hours blocked. On Monday, you CANNOT request to have Tuesday or Wednesday closed. On Tuesday, you can request to have Friday, Saturday, and onward closed or specific hours blocked. On Tuesday, you CANNOT request to have Wednesday or Thursday closed. Naturally, we understand that someone may not feel well and may be unable to work. In these cases, we fully understand, but we do not tolerate frequent illnesses for a day or two. Order cancellations and closures with less than 48 hours’ notice will be subject to symbolic penalties, which will be passed on to the clients if there is no replacement available.

(2) Starting from November 1, 2022, each profile in the application will be charged £9 per month. This amount is symbolic and only a fraction of what we pay for each individual. Payments will be deducted on the final calendar payment of the month. Example: £9 will be deducted during the week of November 28, 2022, to December 4, 2022.

(3) Starting from November, payments will now be processed on Thursdays. The deadline for receiving payments is 3:00 PM at the latest. This allows for a larger time window for sending reports, which will take place between Monday and Wednesday. We do not transfer funds for unsubmitted reports. If you delay and submit the report later, you will receive your payment with a delay. The first “Thursday” payments will be made in the week of November 10, 2022, for the previous calendar week.

(4) Skype is no longer in use. Starting from November 1, 2022, any written communication with the office should occur through WhatsApp or Viber at 07576863628. Additionally, all phone calls should be made exclusively using this phone number.

(5) Everyone is free to contact clients directly through the application. Those who feel comfortable speaking with clients over the phone may do so only in cases of: delays, early arrivals, unanswered door, completion of allotted time and departure, unavailability of supplies/mop/vacuum cleaner.

(6) A failed address will incur a fee of £15. For an address to be considered failed, the following changes apply. You must wait for 25 minutes at the door, and if there is no response, no answer, and no reply to messages, you must call the client at least twice and send 1 SMS. The phone conversation should be: “Hi, I am your cleaner and I am outside your property,” and the SMS template you need to send is: “In front of the property.”

(7) Starting from November 15, 2022, we are implementing a tipping system for clients. Each client will be prompted by the system to add an optional tip amount, which will be given to you in full along with your weekly payments. You will receive a notification for each tip left by a client, allowing you to track your accumulated tips. At the end of the workweek, you will need

4. Golden Rules

  1. All Services performed on behalf of and for the Company must be provided with reasonable skill and care, ensuring that they do not in any way tarnish the reputation and dignity of the Company.
  2. All Services performed on behalf of and for the Company must comply with the generally accepted practices and standards in the relevant industry and be carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations set forth in the Employment Law in the United Kingdom.
  3. Every Employee with whom the Company has working and/or subcontracting relationships is personally responsible for paying their taxes.
  4. Every Employee of the Company is responsible for accurately conveying the complete information to the Worker regarding the order and communicating with the Client regarding a specific Service.
  5. Indecent behaviors and attitudes towards/around/about Clients, Employees, Services, and Partners are strictly prohibited, and such behaviors will not be tolerated, leading to termination of the relationships.
  6. Smoking is strictly prohibited around/near/on the workplace.
  7. The use of alcohol is strictly prohibited around/near/at the workplace.
  8. The consumption of food and beverages by the Worker on the Client’s premises is prohibited, except when explicitly permitted by the Client.
  9. Personal phone conversations are prohibited during work hours for all Employees and Workers.
  10. It is prohibited to go to an address before the scheduled appointment time, except when the client has explicitly confirmed their agreement with this.
  11. It is prohibited to be present at an address with another person, except with explicit permission from the Office.
  12. It is prohibited to engage in an argument with a client. If a client raises their voice or makes threats, immediately leave the premises and inform the Office of the incident.
  13. It is prohibited for another person to use your profile and go to an address instead of you.
  14. It is mandatory to take photos before and after EACH Service you perform.
  15. It is mandatory to carry at least a few cloths, home slippers/shoes for work, and sponges with you.
  16. It is mandatory to be punctual for work. If you are running late, always inform the client in advance.
  17. It is mandatory to inform the Office about any irregularities, damages, or changes in the client’s property.
  18. It is mandatory to submit a weekly report. Failure to do so will result in a delay in your payment. Weekly reports are submited through the online Helper here: or through WhatsApp at +447576863628

5. The App

Every Worker and Employee has been provided with a profile in the BFantastic application.

If you have an Android phone, you can download the application for free from Google Play.

If you have an iPhone, follow these instructions. Open Safari and type in the address bar. Once the website loads, click on “Download for iOS.” Wait for the application to download and install. However, you won’t be able to open it yet. Open Settings – General – Device Management – 1st Online Solutions and click on “Trust.”

To log in to your profile, use the provided work email and password. After logging in, several confirmations will be required before it takes you to the main menu. Please note that in order for the application to function properly, you need to grant full access to the phone’s location.

Make the most of the application!

6. Contact with the Office

Everyone has direct access to the office and office assistants, as well as their own coordinator (navigator) also known as the Helper. The name itself suggests that the role of your Helper is to assist you in every possible way. Respect their work because they take care of you more than you do for them. Never doubt their actions! They are highly qualified and have knowledge about you, your clients, addresses, routes, and more than you can imagine. Whatever decision they make, even if it may not seem favorable to you at first, keep in mind that it is the best decision for you at that moment. We also urge you to show understanding and patience towards the Office because every Helper is taking care of 24 other people, including you, and it is highly likely that someone else may have a more pressing issue to address at the same time. There are three ways to contact the Office and your personal Helper:

  1. WhatsApp / Viber at +447576863628
  2. Phone call at +447576863628 – primarily used in emergencies.
  3. Messenger –

We would like to inform everyone that any form of insults, threats, or inappropriate behavior towards the office is not tolerated under any circumstances. In such cases, immediate measures will be taken, including removal from the Network and blacklisting from working with all partner companies and subsidiary releationships. Every conversation on WhatsApp, Skype and the direct phone line, is recorded and can serve as evidence.

7. Tips for high Quality services

Practice has shown that several important factors can enhance the quality of the service, even more than the cleaning itself. Remember, we are not selling cleaning, we are selling a service. Here are some tips on how to successfully apply these factors:

  1. Always be on time at the specified address, ideally 5-10 minutes before the scheduled session. Punctuality is highly valued by the customers, and they do not tolerate delays, especially if they have paid for a specific time slot. If you happen to be running late, always inform the client in advance.

  2. Enter the property with a smile! We believe that first impressions are crucial for the overall evaluation. If the client is present during the session, strive to radiate a positive attitude.

  3. Maintain professionalism! Even before meeting the client, they expect to be visited by a professional in the field they have requested the service for. Regardless of any circumstances, do not give them any reason to doubt your professionalism. If necessary, be resourceful and show them that you are aware of what needs to be done and that you know how to do it.

  4. Never use your phone in the presence of the client! It is a guaranteed way to receive a poor rating and complaints, especially if they overhear you speaking in another language. If you need to contact the office during the session, wait for an appropriate moment when the client is absent or briefly occupied elsewhere, such as in the bathroom or on the terrace.

  5. Equip yourself with professional cleaning products. Not only will you save money, but also time and effort. Contact the Office to inquire about discounts!

  6. Last but not least, the actual cleaning itself. Before leaving the premises, ensure that there is a visible difference from the moment you entered. Remember that clients pay attention to fine details and inspect for the presence of dust in specific areas such as door sills, windows, floors, sofa cushions, areas behind the television, and all corners.

By following these practices, you can significantly enhance the service and leave a positive impression on the clients.

8. Situations in which you risk to be taken off schedule and lose your job

  1. Inappropriate behavior towards clients or colleagues
  2. Failure to show up at an address more than twice in one month.
  3. Frequent delays for the first order of the day.
  4. Excessive client complaints about your work.
  5. If your rating drops below 3.5, you will receive a message or a call within 2-3 days as a warning. You will be given a specific period (usually 1 week) to do everything possible to raise your rating to at least 3.6. If you fail to do so within the specified period, you will be removed from the schedule for 3-5 days and offered additional training to quickly improve the quality of your work.
  6. If your rating drops below 3.0 (e.g., 2.9), you have until the following Monday to raise it to at least 3.0 in order to follow the procedure outlined in point 1. Otherwise, you will be permanently removed from the schedule.
  7. Engaging in private negotiations with a client, if the client has your personal mobile number, will result in immediate removal from the schedule.
  8. It goes without saying that you will be permanently removed from the schedule if you are proven to have committed a criminal act. This is established unequivocally with the involvement of the police. There is a possibility (at the request of the police) that you may be temporarily removed from the schedule pending investigation until fully cleared of any wrongdoing.

9. Needed working materials (Domestic Cleaning)

Before starting work and arriving at your first address, it is necessary to have a few items that we consider sufficient for delivering a quality service. These include:

  1. Indoor slippers or shoes to work with in the client’s property.
  2. Several pieces of cleaning cloths/rags.
  3. Household sponges.
  4. Wire sponges.
  5. Gloves (if needed).

The cleaning detergents you should equip yourself with and carry when necessary are ECOVER products only:

  1. ECOVER Glass cleaner.
  2. ECOVER Bathroom cleaner / limescale cleaner.
  3. ECOVER Multi-surface / degreaser

DO NOT use products containing bleach.

If a client does not provide you with cleaning detergents and has not mentioned that you should use your own, notify the office to charge the client accordingly.

10. Keys

Some of our clients may need to be absent from their homes during the cleaning session. Consequently, they have entrusted us with their keys, showing us unconditional trust. With the same trust, we entrust them to you. Sometimes you may receive keys from a colleague (you will be notified in advance), and other times you may receive them directly from the client. In the latter case, it is crucial to immediately inform the office so that a personalized key tag can be assigned to the keys and recorded. Never write the postcode or address on the tag attached to the key. We also kindly request that you treat the keys with great seriousness. Losing them leads to unpleasant procedures and significant expenses.

11. Bonus System

Everyone has the opportunity to earn additional income through bonuses, and it’s no secret that those who take this opportunity seriously can achieve impressive results. Here are a few examples of how you can earn extra income (bonuses):

  1. “Service Resale” Bonus: If you notice or hear that a client or someone they know (friend, neighbor, relative) needs the same or a different service that we provide, you can take advantage of this opportunity to resell the service to them. If the client places an order based on your recommendation, they will receive a discount (which encourages them to make the purchase), and you will instantly receive a bonus based on the service they have requested. This can be done through the application. Simply open your order, click “Go to Task,” and select the “Shopping Cart” icon. This will take you to all the services we offer, and you just need to choose the one that the client needs and provide them with your phone number so they can complete the process.

  2. “Google+” Bonus: After completing each address, it only takes about 20 seconds to send an SMS (using a ready-made template) to the client, inviting them to rate your excellent service on Google+. Find the SMS in the application labeled “Rate our service.” The client will receive an SMS with a unique link, and if they open it and rate us with 4 or 5 stars, you will receive a £10 bonus if the review is in written and £20 if the review has a photo as well.

  3. “Rating” Bonus: If your average rating for a calendar month is above 4.8, you will receive a bonus of £0.1 for each hour you have worked during the entire month. The average rating is calculated by summing up all the ratings received during the month and dividing it by the number of ratings.

  4. “Pro of the Month” Bonus: Every month, S Grade selects five of the best workers to be recognized as “Pro of the Month.” The criteria for selecting the “Pro of the Month” include rating, hours worked, punctuality, and feedback. Our team members achieve this title every month (some even multiple times). “Pro of the Month” can be achieved a maximum of twice a year. The bonuses for being the “Pro of the Month” include a £50 voucher for TESCO or Amazon (depending on your choice) and priority access to regular addresses and special VIP clients.

  5. “Friend” Bonus: Everyone has close friends or acquaintances who may ask if you are satisfied with your work with us, whether you receive regular payments, or if you are treated well by the company. This is an opportunity for you to explain things exactly as you see them, saving us time for explanations and alleviating any doubts or mistrust. For each acquaintance of yours who shows interest in our work and if you successfully recruit them to join our company, and they stay with us for at least one month, you will receive a £50 bonus.

These bonuses provide you with an opportunity to earn additional income and excel in your work. There are many ways to take advantage of these opportunities and achieve excellent results.

12. Penalties

S Grade has previously declared its reluctance, and has always been against the imposition of sanctions. However, according to the “Terms and Conditions” of the Company and the signed agreement, it is compelled to implement this practice in the following cases:

  1. Failure to show up at an address without prior notice (at least 2 hours before the start of the session) – £30
  2. Declining addresses early in the morning – £15 per job
  3. Unjustified cancellation of addresses less than 24 hours before them – £10 per job
  4. Declining an address with the reason “Too far” – £10 (you can simply change your work coverage)
  5. Declining an address with the reason “Don’t feel like it” – £10
  6. Declining an address with the reason “Don’t want this client” on the same or previous day – £10 (you could have informed us during the previous session)
  7. If a client complains that you don’t have cleaning products that you were supposed to bring – £7
  8. First address cancellation due to your fault (delay) – £10
  9. Address cancellation due to delay because you didn’t inform us through SMS in advance – £5
  10. If you leave an address earlier without informing us – £10 + reduction of the duration.
  11. Failure to timely inform the office (in writing) about a change in payment from cash to card or vice versa, the sanction corresponds to the amount of the entire sum.
  12. In case of a complaint from a client regarding the quality of the service and the absence of photographic evidence from your side, the value of the sanction is not fixed but may affect 1 hour, 2 hours, or in rare cases, the entire duration of the service you provided.
  13. If you are accused of breaking something in the property and you didn’t notify us and don’t have photographic evidence – Value of the item.

We would like to inform you that the stated sanctions represent only half of the actual amount that is paid in such situations. The remaining 50% is covered by us, which is why we declare our reluctance to ever reach such circumstances.

13. What you should not do

Do not climb on heights (ladders/chairs/tables/sofas/beds).
Do not touch the clients’ food.
Do not agree to babysit small children or elderly people.
Do not attempt to clean walls.
Do not attempt to clean mold.
Do not smoke near/around or inside a client’s property.
Do not consume alcohol during work.
Do not use your phone during a session.
Do not use bleach.
Do not clean marble with anything other than water.
Do not bring anyone else with you to an address.

14. What you should know

Never leave doors or windows open if there are pets in the house.
Do not clean the oven from the inside (applies to Regular Cleaning).
Do not clean the inside of cabinets unless specifically mentioned.
Do not clean windows from the outside.
If you don’t understand the client, ask the Office for translation.
Always lock doors and close windows when leaving an address if the client is not home.
Always leave notes in the app for everything.
Always notify the Office if you notice something broken or not working.

15. Contact the Office


Working Time:

Monday: 08:00 – 18:00
Tuesday: 08:00 – 18:00
Wednesday: 08:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 08:00 – 18:00
Friday: 08:00 – 18:00

Saturday: 09:00 – 16:00
Sunday: 09:00 – 16:00

1st phone number – +447576863628

2nd phone number – +447428662661