Pump-up Sprayer | 1.5 Litres


PP material
Ergonomic design
Adjustable nozzle
1.5 Litres capacity

SKU: RS-PQPEH501L Category:
This watering can is made of transparent PP material, which is odourless, eco-friendly, durable enough and not easy to deform. Observing the water level and mastering the capacity to make you refill water in time is convenient. Two alternative sprayer modes for you to choose from. Just twist the nozzle to adjust it according to your daily needs. Fine mist spray is for a more extensive area watering or cleaning solution, while the water column is for distant plants or any place you can’t reach. The textured handle is anti-slip for easy pumping and carrying, which allows you to use it with less hand fatigue and facilitates long-time spray operation. Besides, the copper nozzle is much stronger and more sturdy than the plastic one.


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