Yellow/Green Sponge Scourer | Pack of 10


Highly absorbent
Homesmith standard
Pack of 10

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Take the strain out of washing up with the pack of high-density premium sponges with a sponge on one side and a scouring pad on the other – providing extra absorbency and scrubbing action. Leave your home in sterling shape. The high-quality green scouring pad on one side is designed to lift dirt and wipe away grease without effort. The super-absorbent fibres pick up the toughest grease, leaving surfaces spotless. It’s perfect for removing dirt and grease from the oven trays and racks, kitchen worktops, sinks and baths or for outdoor use to clean a barbecue grill and garden furniture. The yellow sponge side with gentle fibres is ideal for wiping down dishes, surfaces, and kitchen appliances – leaving them clean and scratch and streak-free.


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