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Working Terms


The company – S Grade LIMITED – Company Number: 11608856.
Worker– Cleaner / Cleaning team / Technician / Monitor / Hamal / Gardener with whom the company has employment and subcontracting relationships.
Partner – Subsidiary companies / Partner companies / Contractor companies, with and through which the company trades.
Helper– Office Assistant / Helper / Agent / Accountant / Manager who performs administrative and operational activities for the company.
Service – Any Cleaning / Monitoring / Technical / Hamal / Gardening service performed by the Employee on behalf of the Company. Client – Any physical and legal person that orders and pays for the Service.

The following rules serve as a single Ethical Code for working with the company and must be followed by every Employee, Partner and Servant in the company, regardless of the position they hold. The rules are written by the Director of the company, and only the Director of the company has the right to make any changes to them.

  1. Respect and follow the laws and regulations of the country where the company operates.

  2. Respect the dignity of the Client and the privacy of their property.

  3. Maintain the confidentiality of company information and the information of the Client.

  4. Perform the duties assigned to you in a timely and professional manner.

  5. Do not accept any gifts or favours from the Client that may influence the performance of your duties.

  6. Do not engage in any activities that may cause a conflict of interest with the company.

  7. Report any violations of this Ethical Code to the Director of the company.

  8. The company is committed to equal opportunities and prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics.

  9. The company is committed to the protection of the environment and expects all Employees, Partners and Servants to act in an environmentally responsible manner.

  10. The company expects all Employees, Partners and Servants to act with integrity and honesty in all their dealings with the company and with the Client.

  • All Services provided by and on behalf of the Company must be performed with reasonable skills and care and must not in any way damage the reputation or dignity of the Company.
  • All Services provided by and on behalf of the Company must not breach commonly accepted practices and standards in the relevant industry and must be performed in accordance with the UK Employment Law.
  • Any Worker with whom the Company has employment and/or sub-contractual relations is personally responsible for paying their taxes.
  • Inappropriate behaviour and mentality towards/around/regarding the Client, Employee, Service, or Partner are prohibited and will be tolerated through termination of relations.
  • Smoking is prohibited around/near/at the workplace!
  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited around/near/at the workplace!
  • Consumption of food and drinks by the Employee on the Client’s property is prohibited, except in cases where it is allowed by the Client.
  • Personal phone calls are prohibited for all Employees and Workers during work hours.
  • It is prohibited to go to an address before the agreed-upon time, except in cases where the client has explicitly confirmed that they agree to this.
  • It is prohibited to be present at an address together with another person except with the explicit permission of the Office.
  • It is prohibited to drive with a client. If the client raises their tone/threatens you, immediately leave the address and inform the office of what has happened.
  • It is prohibited for another person to use your profile and for them to go to an address instead of you.
  • It is mandatory to take pictures before and after EVERY Service you perform.
  • It is mandatory to carry at least a few rags, home shoes/slippers for work, gloves and sponges.
  • It is mandatory to be on time for work. If you are running late, always inform the client in advance.It is mandatory to inform the office of any irregularities/damage/cleanliness in the client’s property.
  • It is mandatory to send a weekly report. Otherwise, you will not be paid.

Effective 01.11.2022, several changes will be implemented regarding work schedules, work hours, the application we work with, payments, and others.
(1) Work schedule, work days, hours, breaks, and coverage are applied to each individual as they desired at the start of their employment or modified subsequently. Therefore, we rely on these settings when organizing and managing your work schedule. To avoid any problems with this, effective 01.11.2022 we will not tolerate the closing of days, hours, or the refusal of orders with notification shorter than 48 hours. Please be aware that these are not our requirements, but rather those of the companies we work with.

Example: On Monday, a day or hour can be closed for Thursday, Friday, and onwards. On Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday CANNOT be closed. On Tuesday, a day or hour can be closed for Friday, Saturday, and onwards. On Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday CANNOT be closed. Naturally, we understand that it is possible for someone to not feel well and simply not be able to go to work. Of course, in these cases we will fully understand everyone, but we will not tolerate illness for a day or two. Declining orders and closing work days with less than 48 hours’ notice will be met with symbolic sanctions that will go to the clients in case there is no one to perform the address in your place.

(2) As of 01.11.2022, a fee of £9/month will be charged for each profile in the app. This amount is symbolic and only covers a part of what we pay for each individual. The payments will be deducted on the last calendar payment for the month. For example: £9 will be deducted in the week of 28.11.2022 – 04.12.2022

(3) Starting November 1st, payments will now be processed on Thursdays. Payment processing time will remain until 3:00 PM (latest). This allows for a larger window to send reports, which will happen between Monday and Wednesday. We will not pay out for reports that are not sent. If you are late and send the report later, you will receive your payment with a delay. The first “Thursday” payments will be made in the week of November 10th, 2022 for the past calendar week.

(4) As of 01.11.2022, Skype is no longer working. All written communication with the office must now be done through WhatsApp or Viber at 07576863628. All phone calls must also be made to this phone number only.

(5) Everyone is allowed to call customers through the app. Those who feel comfortable speaking with customers by phone may do so only in cases of: delays, damage, the customer not opening the door, your time running out and you need to leave, or if there are no supplies/mop/vacuum cleaner.

(6) An cancelled job will be paid to you £15. In order for an address to be considered cancelled, the following conditions must be met: You must wait 25 minutes in front of the door if they do not open, do not answer and do not respond to messages. You must call the client at least 2 times and send 1 SMS. The only thing you can say on the phone is, “Hi, I am your cleaner, and I am outside of your property”, and the SMS that must be sent is the template “In front of the property”.

(7) Effective November 15, 2022, we will introduce a tip system for customers – tips. Every customer will be prompted by the system to pay a voluntary amount for a tip that will be added to your weekly payments. For every tip left by a customer, you will receive a message and you can track your accumulated tips. At the end of the work week, it will be necessary to add the total amount to your report.


Every Employee and Worker has a profile provided in the BFantastic application.

If your phone has an Android operating system, you can download the app for free from Google Play.

If your phone is an iPhone, follow these instructions. Open Safari and type in the address bar. After the site loads, click Download for iOS. Wait for the app to download and install. However, you still won’t be able to open it, so open Settings – General – Device Management – 1st Online Solutions and click Trust.

Logging in to your profile is done using the provided work email and password. After logging in, you will be required to confirm a few things before it takes you to the main menu. Keep in mind that for the app to work, you must grant full access to your phone’s location.

Use the app to the fullest!

Office Contact

Every employee has a direct connection to the office and office assistants, as well as their own coordinator (navigator) called a Helper. The name itself suggests that your Helper’s task is to help you in any way possible. Respect their work, because they care for you more than you do for them. Never question their actions! They are highly qualified and know more about you, your clients, addresses, routes, etc. than you can imagine. Whatever decision they make, even if it doesn’t seem right to you, keep in mind that it is the best decision for you at the moment. We also appeal for you to show understanding and patience towards the office, because every Helper is responsible for another 24 people, including you, and it is very likely that someone else has a bigger problem to solve at the same time as you. There are 4 ways to contact the office and your personal Helper.

  1. Skype – the most frequently used, suitable for communication for various issues and urgent matters. You can call or chat and even send files if necessary.
  2. Phone – for when you need to talk to your Helper or the office directly and discuss something important or urgent.
  3. Email – for when you need to send or receive information or documents.
  4. WhatsApp – for when you need to send a message or photo quickly.

Remember that the Helper’s role is to make your work easier and more organized, so use their assistance to the maximum. If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact them. They are here to help you.

Tips for a High-Quality Service

Always be punctual at the address, even if possible 5-10 minutes before the start of the session. If the English claim that they are famous for something, it is their famous accuracy and in no case tolerate delays, especially if they have paid for a certain hour or a certain period of time. It happens to be late, so Always warn the Client about this. Always enter the address with a smile! In our opinion, the first impression is of particular importance for the final assessment. If the client is at home during the session, try to emit a positive mood. Keep it professional! Before you even meet the Client, he has a clear idea that he will be visited by a professional. So always be dressed appropriately, with a uniform if possible. Always communicate with the Client in a friendly and respectful manner. Even if the client is rude to you, do not respond in kind. Remember, you are there to provide a service, not to argue with the client. Always provide the client with a receipt for the service. This will not only serve as proof of payment, but also as a reminder of the quality of the service provided.

Lastly, always follow the guidelines and procedures set forth by the office. This includes following the proper cleaning methods and techniques, as well as reporting any issues or concerns to the office in a timely manner. By following these guidelines and consistently providing high quality service, you will not only ensure the satisfaction of the client, but also the success of the business.

Risks of being terminated

  • Improper behaviour towards the Client or Colleague
  • Not showing up at the address more than two times in 1 month
  • Frequent lateness for the first order of the day
  • Too many complaints from clients regarding your work
  • If your rating is lowered to below 3.5, you will receive a message or call within 2-3 days with a warning and a specific period (usually one week) in which you must do everything possible to raise your rating to at least 3.6. If you are unable to do so in the specified period, you will be removed from the schedule for 3-5 days, and you will be offered additional training to improve the quality of your work quickly.
  • If your rating is lowered to below 3.0 (e.g. 2.9), you have until the first Monday to raise it to at least 3.0 in order to follow the procedure from 1. Otherwise, you will be removed from the schedule permanently.
  • If you attempt private negotiations with any client, you will be removed from the schedule permanently.
  • If you do not follow the dress code or personal hygiene rules, you will receive a warning and a specific period to improve (usually 1 week). If there is no improvement, you will be removed from the schedule for 3-5 days.
  • If you do not follow the rules for using equipment and detergents or if you do not adequately care for them, you will receive a warning and a specific period to improve (usually 1 week). If there is no improvement, you will be removed from the schedule for 3-5 days.
  • If you do not follow the rules for using the company car or if you do not properly care for it, you will receive a warning and a specific period to improve (usually 1 week). If there is no improvement, you will be removed from the schedule for 3-5 days.”

Needed materials for work (Regular Domestic Cleaning)

Before you start working and appear at your first address, you need to have several things that we consider sufficient for providing quality service. These are:

  • Home slippers or shoes to work on the property
  • Several towels/cloths
  • Domestic sponges
  • Leather sponges
  • Gloves (if necessary)

The products you need to stock up on and carry with you when necessary are:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Limescale cleaner
  • Degreaser
  • Surface polisher

DO NOT use products containing BLEACH

If the client does not provide products and has not mentioned that you should use your own, inform the office to charge for it.


Some clients are absent from their homes while the session takes place. Consequently, they have provided us with keys to their property, expressing unconditional trust in us. With the same trust, we pass them on to you. Sometimes you may need to obtain keys from a colleague (which you will be notified of in advance), and sometimes you may need to get them from the client themselves. In the latter case, it is mandatory to immediately notify the Office so that a tag with a personal code can be placed on the keys and credited to you. Never write down the post code or address on the tag attached to the key. We also beg you to treat the keys entrusted to you with great seriousness. Losing them leads to many unpleasant procedures, involving significant expenses.

Bonus Scheme

Everyone has the opportunity to earn additional income (bonuses), and it is no secret that those who take this opportunity seriously can achieve impressive results without much effort. Here are a few examples of how you can earn additional income (bonuses):

  1. Bonus “Reselling Service”. If you notice or hear that your client or their friend/neighbour/relative needs to order the same or a different service that we offer, you can take advantage of this to resell it to them. If your client orders a service based on your recommendation, they will receive a discount (which is exactly what motivates them to order), and you will instantly receive a bonus based on the requested service. This can be done through the app. You need to open your order, press “To the Task” and select the “Shopping Cart” icon. This will take you to all the services we offer, and you just need to select the one that the client needs and give them your phone number so they can complete the rest.
  2. Bonus “Rating”. If your average rating for one calendar month is above 4.8, you will receive a bonus equal to £0.1 per hour worked for the entire past month. The average rating is calculated by summing all ratings received during the month and dividing it by the number of ratings.
  3. Bonus “Pro of the Month”. Every month S Grade selects 5 of the best Workers to be titled “Pro of the Month”. The criteria for selecting “Pro of the Month” are many. Rating, hours worked, delays, complaints… Our girls reach this title monthly (some even several times). “Pro of the Month” can be achieved a maximum of 2 times per year. The bonuses for “Pro of the Month” are: £50 in the form of a voucher to TESCO or Amazon (at your choice), Priority in receiving regular addresses of special and VIP clients.”
  4. “Bonus “Friend”. Everyone has close friends or acquaintances who will ask if you are satisfied with your job with us, if we regularly pay you, or if we treat the staff well. This is the moment to explain to them exactly how you see things. This way you save us time for explanations and them doubts and mistrust. Something we will not be indebted for. For every one of your acquaintances who shows interest in the job and you manage to attract them to our company and if they stay for at least 1 working month, you will receive a bonus of £50 from us.”


S Grade initially declares its unwillingness and has always been against the imposition of sanctions, but after signing an agreement and according to the “Rules and Conditions” of the company, it is forced to apply this practice in the following cases:

  1. Failing to show up at an address without notice (minimum 2 hours before the start of the session) – £30
  2. Cancelling addresses early in the morning – £15 per address
  3. Cancelling addresses without reason less than 24 hours before them – £10 per address
  4. Cancelling an address with the reason “It’s too far away” – £10 (you can simply change your coverage area for work)
  5. Cancelling an address with the reason “I don’t feel like it” – £10
  6. Cancelling an address with the reason “I don’t want this client” on the same or previous day – £10 (you could have informed us of this during the previous session)
  7. If a complaint is made by a client that you do not have cleaning products and should have been carrying them – £7
  8. Missing the first address due to your own fault (lateness) – £10
  9. Missing an address due to lateness without prior notification via SMS – £5
  10. Leaving an address earlier without notification – £5 + reduction in timing
  11. If you do not notify the office in writing in advance of a change in payment from cash to card or vice versa, the penalty corresponds to the entire amount
  12. In the event of a complaint from the client regarding the quality of the service and the absence of photographs from your side, the value of the penalty is not fixed, but may affect 1 hour, 2 hours or in rare cases the entire timing of the service performed by you.
  13. If you are accused of something broken in the property and have not notified us and do not have photographs – the value of the item

Point system for cancelling an address for personal reasons: So, just as a client cancels/moves their session to another day at the last minute and you want to be compensated for this, we also compensate our clients when you cancel an order due to personal reasons. For this reason, we created a 1:1 point system, in which every address cancelled by the client will be equal to every address cancelled by you for personal reasons (with the exceptions mentioned above). If you have 3 cancelled addresses by clients in 1 week, and you cancel 1 for personal reasons, 2 cancelled addresses will be paid to you and vice versa. Cancelled addresses by you are recorded as a point and carried over to the next weeks until the end of the calendar month.

We would like to inform you that the fines listed are only half of the actual amount that is paid in the event of such a situation. The remaining 50% are taken from us and that is why we declare our unwillingness to reach such circumstances at all.

What you should NEVER do

  1. Do not climb on high surfaces (ladders/tables/tables/sofas/beds)
  2. Do not spit food on customers
  3. Do not agree to watch small children or elderly people
  4. Do not try to clean walls
  5. Do not try to clean mold
  6. Do not smoke near/around or inside the customer’s property
  7. Do not consume alcohol during work
  8. Do not use the phone during sessions
  9. Do not use bleach
  10. Do not clean marble with anything other than water.
  11. Do not bring anyone else with you to the address.

What you MUST know

  1. If there is a pet at home, never leave doors or windows open
  2. Do not clean the oven from the inside (applies to Regular Cleaning)
  3. We do not clean the inside of cabinets (unless explicitly mentioned)
  4. We do not clean windows from the outside
  5. Always lock doors and close windows when you leave the address, if the customer is not home
  6. If you do not understand the customer, ask the office for translation
  7. Always leave Notes in the app for everything
  8. Always notify the office if you see something broken/not working.

How to Contact the Office

WhatsApp/Viber: +44 7576 863628

Skype: S Grade LIMITED





Office Working Time:

Monday: 08:00 – 18:00
Tuesday: 08:00 – 18:00
Wednesday: 08:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 08:00 – 18:00
Friday: 08:00 – 18:00

Saturday: 09:00 – 14:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 14:00