Vitopan | Stainless Steel Cleaner | 275 ml


275 ml
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Polisher & Protection
Steel Safe Detergent
Original Formula

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Vitopan stainless steel cleaner is the ultimate product for kitchen surface cleanliness.
This is a three-in-one solution that may help you save time and improve the quality of your kitchen and house.
CLEAN: Effectively removes oil and filth from your kitchen.
POLISHES: Gives your surfaces a brilliant, gleaming sheen.
PROTECTS: Protective coating is applied to your kitchen, guaranteeing it stays clean for longer.

This multi-purpose steel cleaner is capable of cleaning a wide range of surfaces. Why have three goods when one will suffice? After usage, Steel Clean leaves a protected sanitary coating on your stainless-steel item, guaranteeing that it stays clean for the duration of your hectic kitchen routine. In your kitchen surface cleaning products arsenal, this is a must-have. For kitchen surface hygiene, use a metal cleaner. One of the best multi-purpose steel and metal cleansers available, as recommended by the professional cleaning and catering sectors. A kitchen surface cleanser that accomplishes all your goals.


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