Selden Glaze | Window Cleaner | 5 Litres


5 Litres
Thin-Clear Liquid
Neutral pH of 9.8
Blue Colour

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Selden Glaze is made with an advanced formula that ensures a smear-free finish on windows, mirrors and glass surfaces. Free from abrasives and will not damage any delicate surfaces.
The detergent is ammonia-free. Spray on the surface and wipe off for sparkling results.

Applicable for various environments like ceramic tiles, chrome, and porcelain. A high level of purification helps prevent re-soiling. Makes showcases and displays stand out. Usable for windscreens, mirrors and bus windows, as well as aluminium surfaces in the automotive industry.
High purity ready-to-use product. Apply sparingly and wipe off with a clean cloth or tissue.

Do not use in hot direct sunlight or near flame. Do not dilute.

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