Selden Seldur | Metal Floor Polish | 5 Litres


5 Litres
Characteristic slightly sweet
Translucent Emulsion
Neutral pH 8.1
White Colour

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A metallised polish for extreme strength and durability coupled with ease of removability. Non-yellowing, cross-linked polymer film.
Does not discolour even the lightest floor. Produces a deep shine with excellent slip resistance. Responds brilliantly to all spray burnishing techniques.

Applicable to all Linoleum, PVC, Rubber, Sealed cork, Sealed wood, Terrazzo and Thermoplastic floors. Not suitable for unsealed wood, unsealed cork or laminate flooring.
Seldur must be applied to a clean, grease-free floor. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, and allow the floor to dry.
Apply a thin, even film of Seldur using a clean, lint-free mop or applicator. Apply a second coat when the first is dry (approximately 30 minutes).

60 square metres per litre.

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Weight 5 kg


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