Selden Selphos | Toilet Cleaner & Descaler | 5 Litres


5 Litres
Toilet Cleaner
Clear Liquid
Neutral pH 1
Red/Brown Colour

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Removes scale and stains from toilets and urinals easily. It kills odours and leaves toilets and urinals hygienically clean. Cleans and removes rust from metal work prior to repainting.
User for cleaning and descaling of concrete and quarry tiles in shower areas and food processing plants.

Pour onto the affected surface. Leave for approximately 10 minutes. Brush if necessary to loosen stubborn deposits. Flush or rinse away.
For descaling purposes, dilute 1:10 hot or cold water. If used with a mop, leave for 10 minutes to penetrate, and scrub as necessary. Rinse and allow to dry.

Do not use on or near Linoleum floors, Terrazzo, Marble, Stainless steel, Chrome or Enamel.
Regular use on concrete will cause deterioration and is not recommended.
Descaled metal should be painted immediately to prevent rusting.

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