Selden Select | Furniture Polish | 5 Litres


5 Litres
Luxury Cleaner
Transparent Liquid
Neutral pH of 5.5
Lavender smell

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Easy to apply furniture polisher. Use with a light wipe and a duster to bring out the shine. Resists dust and finger markings. Highly concentrated silicone formulation for economy in-use. It cleans and shines as you dust. Consists of a pleasant waxy lavender perfume.
A superior spray polish for furniture, tiles, marble, stainless steel and most plastic and vinyl-coated surfaces. Removes finger marks, surface dirt, smudges etc., and produces a glowing finish.
It eliminates vigorous polishing but brings up a brilliant, protective and long-lasting shine.

Shake well before use. Pour into a trigger spray bottle with a spray head. Spray sparingly unto furniture or duster cloth and polish as usual.

Do not dilute.
The product is for professional use only.

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